Adoption Fees $0- $300. All dogs are located in Hillsboro OH at this time.
Rat Terrier 10 lbs. He has had a difficult past which ended up with him having to live in a car. He is ready to find his forever mom and dad. Carson is housebroken but would be best in a homemaker situation. He is 8 years old male neutered. Carson is good with other dogs and cats but would prefer to be your baby. Best in fenced yard. Updated on his medical Lilo is a special needs dog. She is a senior Rat Terrier that is blind and hard of hearing. She loves everything and everybody. Lilo may seem handicapped but she navigates my home with no problem. Lilo came from a high kill shelter. Moon-Chihuahua 8 lbs. male neutered 2-3 years old. Pee pad trained and we are working on going outside. Little Moon is shy at first but very sweet and comes around quickly. He is good with cats and dogs. Best in homemaker situation Whiskey- Chihuahua male neutered 6 lbs. Special needs. He is missing an eye but it adds to his adorableness. He has a slight head tilt but it doesn’t bother him one bit. Good with dogs and cats. No small kids. Whiskey isn’t very well housebroken but we’re working on it. Best in homemaker situation. This little peanut has personality plus!
Dug. Dug. Dug. He is without a doubt one of the sweetest cutest dogs I’ve ever had. But, you have to be up for a challenge. He’s Street Smart. Dug we believe has lived his 5-7 years of life as a outside dog who ran his neighborhood doing what ever he pleased. It has been a culture shock for the boy coming into a house with lots of other animals and oh so many rules. He is now housebroken and we now understand that it is not appropriate to walk on the kitchen table. Still don’t see why we can’t jump the gate into hallway where cat food station is.  So if you want a darling little dog who will make you question everyday which one of you is smarter well Dug is your guy!!! Dug needs a good fenced yard and a homemaker situation as you can imagine. He also would be best as the only dog as we have some sharing and some jealousy issues Sugar is looking for a new pet parent as her dad passed away. Sugar is a Boston Terrier/chihuahua mix.

Brindle 9yrs old 12lbs. female spayed housebroken Sugar is a bit pushy with other dogs. Good with older kids 
This little nugget is Peanut.   Peanut is a Dachshund /Chihuahua mix, 2 years old, 7lbs. Spayed female,  housebroken , good with dogs, and older kids. Peanut does like to chase cats so would need some working with. Peanut is shy at first but warms up quickly. Fenced yard is best   
Muttlie Crew Senior Pet Rescue and Sanctuary--9570 Duff Road--Hillsboro OH 45133