What are sanctuary dogs.... While the term is often used flexibly, a true animal sanctuary is a place where animals that are unlikely to find a forever home live out their lives surrounded by comfort and all the care they require and desire. As a rule, these dogs are usually not available for adoption due to many different reasons. 
Rosie Rocky Little Bit Luka
Rosie is a Sanctuary Dog. She’s been here about 4-5 yrs. Rosie came from a rural shelter , she was a neglect removal. When I first saw her she was in the back of the kennel in the corner facing the wall. She wouldn’t make eye contact but her little tail wagged just a little. I remember when I carried her to the car she was soo scared she peed and pooped in my arms. Due to her extreme fear she has remained in our sanctuary where she is very happy.
Rocky is another of our Sanctuary Dogs. He’s been with us for about 5 yrs. His family had fallen on hard times and was forced to move into an apartment. Rocky didn’t adjust well and had shown some aggression towards new people and dogs. He does well here on our farm. He is my Right Hand Man. Goes everywhere with me. My Love.
This is Little Bit. She is also a Sanctuary Dog. She’s about 13 yrs now. She’s been here for about 5-6 yrs. She and her brother Lucky came to live with us when both mom and dad passed away. Very antisocial and still is. She loves her mom though.
This beautiful girl is Luka. She came to us as a pup as no one wanted her. She’s the product of stupid breeding. Her mom was a blue Merle and wht Aussie and dad was a Dalmatian. These are color breeds and the stupid breeder should not be breeding. Luka is missing the outside covering of her nose. We don’t even see it now, but that’s cuz we love her. She is the alpha dog here at the sanctuary and is very happy.
Dug Aslin Fern Angel
Dug is a Sanctuary Dog. He is staying here cuz he’s Bad to the Bone. We love him but he has quite a few bad habits that make it difficult to find the right home. Dug was the town hobo. He roamed the town stealing food and getting into trouble. Dog loves to dig. I mean really dig. No yard can survive his constant digging but he loves doing it. So our back yard is full of holes that we fill in for him to dig up again. Dug barks a lot. He’s a funny little man and we love him.
Handsome Aslin came when his dad I believe passed away. He had severe separation anxiety and was 14 yr old when he arrived. Aslin has gotten over his separation anxiety and has flourished here the last few years.
Fern is a Sanctuary Dog. She was one of our Mill Dogs. It’s taken over a year to get her to where she might be able to be adopted but we have decided that due to the fact that I’m the first person who she’s even connected with and loves that it would be too traumatic for her to be put into a new situation.
This is Angel , she is a Mill Dog and is a Sanctuary Dog. Angel was our hardest case. So fearful. It’s been over a year and she has just started letting us approach her without her moving away. She is just beginning to let us pet her. Touch is something very unfamiliar to her. She is very happy here and has made some very slow progress. Angel is a medium sized Doodle. She loves her yard and all her doggy playmates.
Boo Bear Allie Tidbit JuneyB
Boo Bear is another Mill Dog and is now part of our sanctuary. She has been here for a year. She,  more than the others,  has been through Hell and back. Boo is only 2 yrs old now. The first year of her life she had dislocated hip and was kept in a crate to keep her from moving around a lot to hopefully let it heal. It did not but it has finally gotten where she gets around well now. After she arrived here she panicked and jumped off the bed and broke her leg. This baby has finally healed physically but mentally is slow progress forward. She is totally attached to me and will be here forever. This little peanut is Allie. We took her and her brother Kevin when we were contacted by a family member of this dying woman. She was hospice and distraught about what would happen to her babies. We took them. Kevin was adopted but Allie is a diva. She only likes to be petted, held, or picked up when she wants and she will bite. She hates going potty outside but isn’t great about using pee pads. She seems quite happy here and unlikely we’ll have a lot of interest in her. She loves my husband. And Kevin & her were Not bonded. This little girl is Tidbit a small Toy poodle. Tidbit is a Mill dog. We hope that one day she will be adoptable but only time and patience will tell. Making slow progress.
This beautiful little girl is Juney B. She is a Min. Aussie we believe. Juney is a Mill Dog. Juney s leg was broken so badly while at the breeders that we had to amputate. She has been here about a year and has made slow progress. Still afraid to be petted or picked up. We hope someday she can be adopted.
Sianna is a very old Shepherd mix and one of our sanctuary dogs. She has a lot of arthritis and takes life very slowly. She loves snooping around the farm and sleeping in the shade on a nice sunny day. She is sweet kind and gentle and we love her very much.
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